Infinity Ward has confirmed it will release popular Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal for Modern Warfare 3.

"Terminal coming soon. :)" said Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin on Twitter.

"I'm going to be announcing the date for Terminal this week," he later added.

The adorable online-shooter fanatics at MP1st reported that the map is rumoured to be released for free, but will still be looped into Activision and Microsoft's exclusivity deal for the Xbox 360.

I'd like to see Afghan, Scrapyard and Highrise next. What about you?

Back in the day, Infinity Ward were heavily criticised for including Call of Duty 4 maps in its batches of Modern Warfare 2 DLC. Former Content Strategist Rob Bowling said in February that "if we're going to do a throwback map, let that be outside the DLC model, let it be free, let it for everyone. Don't let it be restricted by contracts, partnerships, and all that fucking money stuff. Let it just be there.'"

Stroll down memory lane with this YouTube video of somebody cleaning up on the classic map: