Devolver Digital, publisher of Serious Sam 3 on XBLA, has hit out at recent modern military shooters, with EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter getting the brunt of its wrath. What's more, if you join them in their disdain for modern military shooters, you could win a copy of Serious Sam 3.

"During this busy season of video game releases the team at Devolver Digital realize that not every game will live up to expectations," reads the blog post. "One such game has been Medal of Honor: Warfighter - yet another military shooter where cover is king and most folks spend their time peeking out form behind a wall or a strategically placed concrete barrier.

"That shit is weak.

"That's why we're pleased to announce the Serious Sam3: BFE "Warfighter-fighter" program. Over the next week we will be offering 100 free Xbox LIVE Arcade downloads for Serious Sam 3: BFE to some of those affected so they can get up from behind that wall and get back to the unleashing heavy ordinance upon a horde of brutal aliens just like our forefathers."

If you want to vent about military shooters and fancy winning a copy of Serious Sam 3 XBLA you need to tweet with hashtag #SeriousSam3XBLA along with your concerns. If you don't use Twitter, you can do the same via the game's Facebook page.

What do you think about a publisher badmouthing another publisher's game to raise awareness of its own title? Is it underhand or smart marketing?