The next update for Minecraft - Pocket Edition has been outlined by the developer. The foundation for survival will be mostly done, allowing the dev to introduce more fun updates in the future.

"In the background a lot of stuff has changed to support the survival aspects of the game. You will see some neat looking animals and new blocks," said Daniel Kaplan, game designer on Minecraft - Pocket Edition. "Crafting won't be in this update since we need to redesign the GUI for it and it will need some iteration and thinking. But the great part is that the foundation for survival will be mostly done and we can throw out much more fun updates! Yay! :D And hopefully the progress of the updates will be much more faster. Oh, and of course some bug-fixing have been done too. Doors and fences will be in there it too!"

According to Kaplan, the update is planned to be submitted by February 8, and then will need to be approved for Android and iOS before being released to the public.