First-party Xbox One titles will retail for £49.99, judging by listings on the official Microsoft Store.

The price point follows previous comments from Microsoft stating that it would not be increasing prices for next-generation software. However, it has never confirmed a UK price point, instead only referring to a $59.99 RRP for the US.

Most Xbox 360 games already carry a £49.99 RRP, but are often discounted by retailers.

Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Ryse: Son of Rome are each available to pre-order on the Microsoft Store.

Amazon appears to have responded to Microsoft's price point, dropping first-party Xbox One titles to £50 (and EA's Need For Speed Rivals to an even lower £43.99), but GAME has yet to follow suit.

The retailer still lists first-party titles for £54.99 on its website.

Bar Microsoft, EA is the only other publisher to confirm prices for Xbox One software. According to comments from GAME, EA's titles will carry an RRP of £54.99.