Konami has announced that Scene Expansion, the latest Metal Gear Online expansion pack for Metal Gear Online, will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store in March.

Scene includes three new maps and two new special characters:

New Maps

- Outer Outlet - An Industrial Wasteland, made up of buildings and underground/above ground areas. Suitable for medium to long range attacks.

- Hazard House - An enormous three story mansion. Suitable for close to medium range combat.

- Ravaged Riverfront - Clock Tower, made up of underground, above ground, and under water areas. Suitable for medium to long range combat.

Special characters: Raiden and Vamp - two highly anticipated characters with extraordinary physical abilities and overwhelming offensive power.

In order to make Scene as accessible as possible, players, for the first time ever, can now use PayPal along with the PlayStation Network Wallet prepay system as a form of payment. A trailer for Scene Expansion will be released on the PlayStation Store on February 26.