It seems somewhat strange that Samus hasn't seen herself reborn in pinball form yet, the morph-ball shape seems perfect for ricocheting around any surface you care to mention, but as of yet we've never seen it bouncing off the bumpers and racking up the high-scores.

While some may scoff at the source announcing this curious hybrid, EB Games have Metroid Pinball for the DS listed on their website, set to debut on December 5th state-side.

Nintendo remained frustratingly coy when quizzed, trotting out the usual 'Nintendo does not comment on rumours or speculation' which has served so many companies so well in the past.

Fun new game or terrible defacing of your beloved Metroid? Although Pokemon and Mario are significantly different beasts to the Metroid formula, it could be argued that other franchises have boosted their popularity by going this route, and any strategy that allows Prime or Echoes greater exposure in the public eye is alright by us.

If this game does indeed exist, more information on a U.K release as and when we have it.