Metroid Dread
by on Aug 27, 2021

Metroid Dread teases Samus’ greatest threat yet in newest trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming space adventure Metroid Dread, focusing on the threats Samus Aran will face on the planet ZDR.

The latest Metroid Dread Report offers up some more information on the trailer. It appears Samus will come face to face with what appears to be a Chozo warrior. The Chozo are a mysterious race of bird-like creatures, responsible for the creation of the Metroids and Mother Brain herself. The technologically advanced race mysteriously disappeared, thought to be wiped out by their creations, long before the events of the first game.

However, Samus will lose a fight against a Chozo warrior right at the start of her adventure, marking the first time an actual living Chozo has appeared in a Metroid game. They’re not the only mysterious returnee either, as we also get a glimpse of one of the series’ oldest bosses making their return: Kraid.

Just how both the Chozo and Kraid have returned will be what you’ll have to find out during the course of the game. The trailer also shows off some of Samus’ moves, including a Phase Shift dash and Grapple Beam. We also get a brief glimpse of her Ice Missile, Screw Attack and more.

You can check out the Metroid Dread trailer for yourself down below. The game launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 8.


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Metroid Dread

on Nintendo Switch

Release Date:

08 October 2021