Ben Borthwick by on May 22, 2019

Metro Exodus studio 4A Games working on new ‘AAA project’

It seems Metro Exodus has done very well for publisher THQ Nordic, and as a result the publisher is tapping up developer 4A Games to work on a new 'upcoming, still undisclosed AAA-project'.

The news comes from THQ Nordic's latest extended finanical year report published last night, which also revealed that Metro Exodus was one of the best performing games for the group for the fifth quarter period between January and March of this year.

The report also notes that Coffee Stain Studio's Satisfactory was also a strong performer for them, reporting that the Early Access game 'exceeded management’s expectations at the time of our recent acquisition of Coffee Stain.' As for the future, THQ Nordic pointed to the upcoming Saints Row movie as a potential big earner for them.

There's no word yet on if the game 4A Games are working on will be a new entry in the Metro series or something entirely new, but it's probably safe to expect to hear more in the future. The team recently released details of Metro Exodus' two expansion packs coming later this year.


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