Konami of Europe has announced that Metal Gear Acid will be released in Europe at the same time the PSP is released. The card-based tactical espionage game received a mix reaction in Japan and North America, partly because people simply didn't know the kind of game they were buying.

"Metal Gear Acid marks a new beginning and direction for the Metal Gear series," commented Hideo Kojima, Corporate Officer at Konami Corporation. "The concept was to create a 'Metal Gear' for the handheld machine. Its card-based content allows players to enjoy a deeper level of tactical espionage, while the many cards ensure that a number of offensive or stealth options are always at the player's disposal. We are delighted that the game will accompany the Sony PSP's European launch, and hope fans of the series enjoy Solid Snake's newest small screen adventure."

We'll bring you a full review of the game prior to its release on September 1st 2005.