It's finally here! Valve has released the ninth (and last) of its hilarious Meet the Team series, giving us all a chance to literally peer metaphorically underneath the mask of Team Fortress 2's psychotic Pyro class.

That's right: you (sadly) don't get to see the Pyro's face, and Valve still isn't confirming whether the Pyro is male or female - though the axe-weilding class is called a 'he' during the short. You do, however, get to see the horror (the horror) of the Pyro's inner workings.

Take a peek below. What did you think? We loved it.

Now that Valve has let us 'meet' everyone, which class was your favourite? I think mine might be the Scout, or possibly the Heavy. Or the Sniper. Oh, I can't decide.

Valve has also announced that it has released Source Filmmaker to the public, which is the same tool the developer uses to make its own cinematics. We can probably expect to see about six million unofficial Meet The Team videos by lunch, then.