Media Molecule are working on a project aside from its recently announced Vita exclusive Tearaway, it has been confirmed.

"We're working on a second project right now, and that's very much in an R&D phase," co-founder Mark Healy told Eurogamer.

Fellow co-founder Alex Evans added: "The focus is Tearaway, but Media Molecule is a lot more than 15 people," which would suggest the number of people currently working on the Vita title.

Evans also told The Verge that 47 people work at Media Molecule, and was asked what the rest of the employees were working on, "a lot of people to make tea. We're also hiring for tea makers as well, so if you have tea-making skills you should apply".

Despite the enigmatic response, recent job listings on Media Molecule's website hint at new projects: "At Media Molecule, we are currently working on brand new IPs, even more ambitious than LBP was when it was conceived 6 years ago."