Spore's forthcoming build-your-own-quest expansion, Galactic Adventures, is not the add-on that Maxis first planned. According to senior producer Morgan Roarty, the studio's initial concept was to introduce a story that would be told across several of the game's stages.

Work had already begun on this expansion when Maxis decided to change their plans, largely as a result of user response.

"This wasn't our first idea for an expansion pack," said Roarty, speaking to VideoGamer.com at a recent EA event. "The original idea, I can't go into detail but it was more of a fiction that gets layered over all of the games. Every game had a little bit of a layer, some added fiction on top.

"But the assets just kept coming in, and the community feedback and the critics feedback was just, 'More gameplay, more to do.' I think this idea got born in the concept of making this editor, and it sort of took off from there. The original idea for the expansion pack is currently on the shelf."

Galactic Adventures will allow late-game players to explore planets on foot, and to build and share missions using a selection editing tools. Roarty added that the scrapped project may yet see the light of day, depending on consumer reaction to the first expansion.

In addition to Galactic Adventures, 2009 will also see the release of Spore: Creature Keeper - a Tamagotchi-like game aimed at children. Two further games, Spore Hero and Spore: Hero Arena, will come to the Wii and DS, respectively. These latter titles will be handled by an external, non-Maxis developer.

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