According to the Seattle Times, Halo 2 has the largest amount of presales in video game history, already amassing approximately one million presales. Andrew Jenkins, an Xbox product manager was understandably excited by this saying, "We have the blockbuster of blockbuster titles launching this year,".

They are happy on the inside.

If this report is true it is a truly remarkable achievement for the game. Halo sold over 5 million copies and is by far the biggest selling Xbox title to date, so sales expectations were obviously very high for the sequel, but with a whole host of high profile games releasing around the same period as Halo 2, including the next game in the GTA series, the Halo brand and popularity is really showing its strength. Total sales for the game are expected to top the five million that the original made, but Xbox owners may have to buy multiple copies if it is to outsell the Playstation 2 big hitters this Christmas season.

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