Sci-fi ARPG The Ascent is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2020, from indie developer Neon Giant.

The studio counts developers who have worked on Wolfenstein and Gears of War in its ranks, and drew inspiration from “classic sci-fi books to modern day action games” like Halo and Mass Effect for The Ascent. “Planet Veles is one of many planets across the galaxy run by mega corporations—far larger than anything we have today— and travelling between planets costs a huge amount of resource,” said Jack Gosling, senior digital marketing manager for publisher Curve Digital. “The biggest of all these mega corps is The Ascent Group. They own everything and everyone—including you.”

Yet, The Ascent Group suddenly shuts down, and its tenuous grip on the city’s factions evaporates. No one is safe, and it’s down to you to discover what happened to the company before all is lost. As a “love letter to the sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds many of us grew up with,” players will find the world of The Ascent filled with “beloved homages and slick skylines.” The game may be played solo or with up to four friends in local or online co-op.

Player characters are able to chop and change cybernetic parts for new abilities and advantages in dystopic dust-ups. These scuffles are said to be spectacular, too; “every gunfight will leave its mark on the environment, from scarred pillars to crumbling buildings.”

The Ascent is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X this year. Watch the trailer below. 


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