Marvel’s Wolverine reportedly could release as early as Fall 2024

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First announced during the 2021 PlayStation showcase, Marvel’s Wolverine has slightly fallen under the radar due to the lack of details provided by developers Insomniac Games.

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However, more information regarding the much-anticipated superhero title has been revealed thanks to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb. During their February 2 livestream, Grubb initially mentioned that Insomniac was targeting a mature rating for their upcoming project and that an “M-rated Wolverine could work” since this is probably the character which fits that description the most.

The developers will also actively try to exclude any mention of the Wolverine from the Fox movies as
“they want it to stand on its own.” The reported setting for the game’s plot would seemingly be before he joins the X-Men, which means that none of the group’s familiar heroes like Cyclops and Jean Grey will be making an appearance throughout.

The initial tentative release date would then go on to be mentioned as being slated for Fall 2024, which is surprising considering Insomniac will also be releasing Spider-Man 2 in Fall 2023. However, Grubb has also heard that it could launch in 2025 so it may still change depending on how the development process works out.

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Marvel’s Wolverine will also not be imitating the open world environment of the Spider-Man series and will instead take inspiration from God of War’s semi-open world setting. This decision was most likely made because the web-slinging superhero can easily swing across skyscrapers while Wolverine tends to prefer having both feet on the ground.

Hopefully, we get more details about the exciting new Wolverine-centric title soon, but it may still be a long time before we actually get more footage of the adamantium-infused hero in action.

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