Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite helped boxed video games shift a pretty hefty 2.67 million units in March across the UK.

While this is a 1.5 per cent drop over March 2012, the decline is a big improvement over much larger drops reported in January and February.

But even though less games are being sold, retailers are still making more money. Game stores actually recorded a 4.2 per cent rise in revenue, up from £67.7m in March 2012 to £70.6m.

Tomb Raider was the month's big success story, moving more than double the number of units of second-place seller BioShock Infinite - the latter was, however, launched in the last week of the month, whilst Tomb Raider hit stores in the first week.

Other titles in stores during March included Gears of War: Judgment at No.3, SimCity at No.5, and God of War: Ascension at No.7.

Source: MCV