A major title update for the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 6 is available to download now.

The free update, which you'll be prompted to download the next time you boot-up Capcom's action-horror, includes a variety of tweaks and additional content for the game, including a new ultra-hard "No Hope" difficulty setting, and a new co-op mode for Ada's campaign.

No Hope doubles the value of any Skill Points acquired, but removes the option for players to use Skills, and does not restore health once you die. The mode is only available during co-op play, however.

Ada's campaign can now be accessed immediately as well, without the need to complete Leon's, Chris' and Jake's scenarios beforehand. You'll find it available to select from the main menu, regardless of how far you are through the campaign.

Meanwhile, new camera settings offer players the option to adjust both the field of view and position of the aim camera. That should be music to the ears of players who previously felt that the main character took up too much space on-screen.

And finally, new character 'Agent' is available for use within the game's Extra Content section. Capcom says that "the Agent's loadout contains a variety of weapons adaptable to any combat situation". Handy, then.

The title update is expected to launch on PlayStation 3 later this month.

Source: Capcom Email | [RESIDENT EVIL. NET] News