Lords of the Fallen ‘Pumpkin’ patch finally reintroduces full crossplay

Lords of the Fallen ‘Pumpkin’ patch finally reintroduces full crossplay
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Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks has finally introduced their Halloween-themed ‘Pumpkin’ patch that reintroduces full crossplay to their widely applauded Soulslike creation. In addition to the return of this specific feature, the developers have also introduced several improvements to its New Game Plus mode, enemy density, and the ever-present performance and stability fixes.

As mentioned, one of the most significant inclusions with Hexworks’ ‘Pumpkin’ patch is their improvements to the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode. According to the developer’s relatively lengthy blog post, this update “reintroduces Vestiges to NG+ and higher playthroughs.” “Every subsequent NG will reduce the amount of Vestiges available, thereby increasing your need to use the interconnectivity of the game world,” they continued.

In addition, the Halloween-themed update also contains balance changes to “some bosses’ defenses.” The development team has also “lowered their health to balance the effect of NG+ health multipliers,” thereby providing a smoother and more consistent experience to players. Hexworks also made a handful of improvements to a few different in-game aspects, which you can check out below.

Lords of the Fallen ‘Pumpkin’ patch notes v1.1.249

Here is the entirety of Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen ‘Pumpkin’ patch notes:

Season of the Bleak

  • Made sure Mournstead’s old song is true.
  • Added some Halloween decorations in the game whilst keeping player immersion.


  • Improved performance at Skyrest Bridge to achieve a smoother framerate.


  • Increase game thread timeout using old quad-core CPUs to fix loading issues when spawning, resting or warping – potentially fixes 2% of the remaining crashes on Sentry.


  • Now the vestige menu will clearly show both options: either move to NG+1 or restart NG+0.
  • After completing the game once, players can now restart the current NG anytime, even if they haven’t finished the game.


  • We have adjusted some bosses’ defenses and lowered their health to balance the effect of NG+ health multipliers. This ensures a consistent experience in NG+ without changing the overall difficulty; it’s simply better tuned for NG+.

Level Design

  • Added a bed flower before the Kinrangr Guardian, reducing travel time between the Windmill vestige and the boss room.


  • Improved collisions in two corners of Upper Calrath to prevent players from getting stuck.

As always, you can check out Hexworks and CI Games’ joint blog post for their official announcement. If you need help on the game, check out our guides on the best Agility weapons in Lords of the Fallen, the best classes in Lords of the Fallen, and the Lords of the Fallen trophy list.