Looks like Predator is coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands

Looks like Predator is coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands
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UPDATE 17:10: Ubisoft has now confirmed the event and given us some details to go with a trailer for the release. 

From tomorrow, a Predator Special Challenge will be added to the game as part of the upcoming Jungle Storm update. It can be tackled solo or co-op and is billed as ‘the most difficult fight of Ghost Recon Wildlands.’ If you’re successful in hunting the Predator, you’ll unlock exclusive Predator themed items including a Predator Mask that allows you to see in the creature’s signature thermal vision. The challenge is set to be available ‘until early January’.

Furthermore, a Predator Pack will be available offering 15 new customisation options. In addition a new class based on Dutch from the movies will be available for PVP mode named the Ghost War class. It’ll be available via a Ghost War pass, the Season Pass or obtained via Prestige Points in-game.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOLLOWS: Ubisoft has teased the arrival of famous movie hunter Predator in Ghost Recon Wildlands, in a special event for the game entitled The Hunt, according to a teaser trailer put out yesterday.

The video (posted below) stops short of showing us one of the ugly motherf***ers, but the unmistakable Predator clicking can be heard, as well as the slightly more obvious references in the symbols from the movie franchise that pop up before the date December 14 – presumably when the event is set to start – and, of course, the thermal imaging effect on the footage and the logo. We also see some flayed bodies hanging from trees, which is a signature Predator move. 

The developer is being cagey on details at the moment, but a blog post on the Ghost Recon: Wildlands website gives away that more is expected to be revealed in a special livestream at 6PM CET (5pm GMT) this evening with YouTuber Carbon Meister on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel. 

Ghost Recon Wildlands is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.