How to fix outdated server error on Minecraft

How to fix outdated server error on Minecraft
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If you’re wondering how to fix an outdated client on Minecraft, we’re going to go over everything you need to know here.

Minecraft is one of the most well-renowned games out there, potentially being the most influential ‘indie’ game out there. Years after its release, it’s received countless updates that continue to change the game’s mechanics and environments. In light of those updates, you might feel you need to allocate more RAM to your Minecraft client or server.

However, these updates often make it so that you can’t launch the game without updating the launcher, or that you can’t get onto your favourite server as it’s not been updated to the latest version yet. Here’s what we’d recommend you do to fix an outdated server error on Minecraft.

Minecraft outdated server error fix

Here’s what you can do to solve the Minecraft outdated server error:

  • Update Minecraft
  • Change Minecraft version

Update Minecraft

This is the first thing you should do when trying to get onto an outdated Minecraft server is update your game client. If you’re playing a version of the game which uses Minecraft Bedrock, you can update your game by doing the following:

Minecraft Bedrock on PC

  • Open Microsoft Store
  • Find Minecraft in-store
  • Select the three dots in the top right hand corner
  • Open Downloads and Updates
  • Choose Get updates

Normally, Minecraft Java will automatically update itself on your PC, however if you’ve not loaded the game in a while you could have to force the updates by doing the above listed steps.

Minecraft Java on PC

Minecraft Java is slightly harder to update than the Bedrock edition. You’re going to need to head on over to the launcher. Normally, the game updates to the latest version automatically, though you’re going to need to double check which version of the game your launcher is loading.

  • Open Minecraft launcher
  • Click Minecraft: Java Edition on the left
  • Click Installations
  • Create a new installation
  • Choose relevant Minecraft version from the dropdown menu (it should correspond with the version of the server you’re trying to join)