Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of Life is Strange and the upcoming Vampyr, has revealed that it’s entering into a strategic partnership with Bandai Namco to create a new IP based on an all-new narrative adventure experience. The deal was announced by MCV, which recently interviewed Bandai Namco’s VP of marketing and digital, Hervé Hoerdt.

It’s all early days, however, and there are a few details about the game, but no confirmation for which platforms the game will be coming to at this time. Bandai Namco told MCV that the game has been in development since 2016 and that it’ll take place in a fictional US city, and will require, ‘a fair dose of investigation’. The story for the game is still being finalised, and is being developed by another team alongside Dontnod’s other game, Life is Strange 2. 

Hoerdt spoke on the importance of the locational setting in the as-yet-unnamed game, saying that, ‘It will be located in a fictional place in the US because we think that today, to establish a new brand with a western audience, it helps to win with the US market, so part of the choice [in setting] is having this global worldwide audience in mind’.

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