Fizz is a new puzzle game set on a game board composed of twenty-five points, each with four antennae. Each antenna can contain four colours and the goal is to create an energy flow by aligning the colours. By combining the correct colours, energy fluxes are formed, the bigger the energy loops the more points the player will receive.

In addition to the basic principle of energy loops, the game also features special bonus antennae that help the player and setbacks which take the form of broken antennae. There are also exterior elements such as asteroids and meteorite showers which will hinder progression.

The game is set in outer space and the player can select one of ten boards, each themed to a particular element from our solar system.

We're also told that Fizz will include a host of single and multiplayer game modes. Single-player modes include Standard, Infinite, Time Attack and Arcade. Multiplayer modes for up to four players are Vs. with infinite time, Vs. with limited time and Co-op.

Fizz is currently pencilled in for release in November.