A file which is said to be a PSP update has quickly been taken apart by technology enthusiasts, with claims that this update was created to install internet applications, speech recognition software, a word processor, calculator and spreadsheet.

Reports claim that the file was accidentally made public on one of Sony's websites, but the file doesn't actually include any of these new applications, just references them. Sony is, as expected, not happy about this and is strongly advising that PSP owners don't attempt to use it, with PSP hardware damage said to be a possibility.

Acknowledging that the file is legit, but also admitting that the file is not safe for use, Sony has said that they will repair any consoles damaged by this file, but the cost of repair is to be paid by the user. While Pro-G has no experience with this file, we recommend that you wait for the updates that Sony may or may not release for the console.

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