Latest Manor Lords patch notes provide crucial bugfixes, new features may be coming soon

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Manor Lords is steadily chugging along in its early access phase, and solo developer Slavic Magic (Greg Styczeń) has released a new set of patch notes addressing several issues. This includes fixes to workers and livestock getting stuck, as well as improved loading times because who doesn’t want to get into the game faster?

In a post on the Manor Lords Steam page, Styczeń says he “tried to be careful not to make any risky changes” for the first month, as his main “goal was to stabilize the main branch.” Styczeń also noted, “[he’ll] keep reading the feedback to see if that build is stable enough to last us a bit longer.” He said afterward that it would “be a nice time to go into the ‘dev cave’ and do some more fun experiments & changes to push the game forward and finally add some new features.”

Although Styczeń hasn’t specified when these “new features” will be arriving, they’ll likely arrive sooner rather than later. While you wait, check out the entirety of the latest Manor Lords patch below.

Manor Lords 0.7.975 patch notes

Gameplay & balance:
-Food cart & Firewood cart will now keep importing until it reaches their storage limits
-Made livestock order imports slightly faster by reducing the livestock merchant’s travel distance
-[Experimental] Added 4 more handcarts to the lv2 storehouse [Side note: Considering handcart resources or handcart upgrades costing wooden parts in the future – opinions welcome]

Minor changes:
-Improved loading times
-Added a concurrent sound limit to hoe & sow sound effects (they clogged the audio buffer when too many people were farming in the same spot)
-Added the localization key & icon missing for item_143 (Honeycomb)
-Chimney smoke won’t generate very far from the camera where it was barely visible
-[Experimental optimization] Animal random pathing calls reduced very far from the camera where they can’t be observed
-[Experimental] Bumped up pathfinding priority of farming tasks
-Blood cover should now disappear from clothes on disbanding
-Further farming optimizations

-Fixed a weird crash caused by a character somehow triggering import of a non tradable item (Timber)
-Fixed a crash related to a barter building being invalid

-Fixed workers stuck in the transport task (for instance at the malthouse) because the task targetRotation didn’t account for ground slope adjustment
-Fixed livestock being stuck at following task if the livestock trader gets unassigned mid journey
-Fixed the pause toggle not being visible on the fields
-Fixed characters sometimes loading with a weird rotation
-Fixed free traders clogging pathfinding and making a lot of villagers and/or traders freeze because they were waiting in pathfinding queue
-Fixed character sometimes ghosting through walls to their ungarrison location
-Fixed Food Cart showing as “abandoned”
-Fixed people not consuming food from the Food Cart
-Fixed the “pause” toggle not working on the Firewood Cart and Food Cart
-Fixed Dyers setting up Food stalls (because they had Food stored at their workplace)
-Fixed trading post workers not respecting the export trade rule in case where the goods are already transported to the trading post for export but the player changes their mind
-Fixed the interior box being visible during the construction process of a townhouse (variation G)
-Fixed the building card border scale animation
-Further fixes for broken character rotations
-Fixed livestock import not working if the target surplus has never been set and the player is using orders
-Fixed livestock imports ignoring other region trade rules
-Fixed custom livestock orders importing form on-map regions
-Fixed livestock order merchants trying to import horses that trade route merchants were riding on
-Fixed pasture/stable space not updating when exporting animals
-Fixed resources mined in surface and deep mine not registering as produce, leading to storehouse workers ignoring them sometimes
-Fixed recruits stuck in a loop of moving armaments between burgage plots

-Field material adjustments to reduce tiling artifacts

That covers all of Slavic Magic’s recently released patch notes. If you need help managing your medieval kingdom and its armies, check out our guide on how to upgrade Burgage Plots to level 2 and level 3 in Manor Lords. You can also take a look at how to fix recruits missing in Manor Lords if you’re having trouble with your soldiers in-game.

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