Latest Helldivers 2 Major Order already completed mere hours after being issued

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UPDATE: The latest Helldivers 2 major order has since been completed, which means Helldivers worldwide have managed to eradicate 100,000,000 Terminids in the span of a few hours. High Command will likely issue the next MO in a few days, so stay tuned and complete your personal orders until then.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Following players’ successful efforts in defending X-45 from the dreaded Automaton army, Helldivers 2 High Command immediately provided a follow-up major order to eliminate 100,000,000 Terminids. Now, in most cases, this type of objective would take soldiers the typical three-day time limit to accomplish it. But the current Helldiver platoons we have at our disposal are supremely efficient in handling missions and dishing out a consistent dose of Managed Democracy.

Mere hours after being issued, the latest Helldivers 2 major order has already been completed. Yes, that means players have eliminated roughly around 95 million Terminids, with more of these creepy crawlies falling by the second. At this rate, this latest MO is set to be finished in record time, with a juicy reward of 40 Medals waiting for us at the finish line (though you can only claim the prize once the three-day time limit is up).

Unfortunately, quickly finishing the current major order means you’ll have to sit there twiddling your thumbs until High Command issues the next one in a few days. Even though there’s always a daily personal order to complete, the lack of immediate new content has become a recent issue in the game, with it being one of the causes of Helldivers 2’s drastic player decline.

Of course, it is worth noting that Arrowhead Game Studios previously announced that they’re taking a “summer break,” hence the reason for the recent slow roll of content. Once the dev team’s vacation concludes in late August, however, you can likely expect things to ramp up. Until then, check out some of the latest news on the Galactic War front, like this Super Mario-inspired Helldivers 2 stratagem concept or the recent Helldivers 2 update, to pass the time.

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