Eidos has today released Lara's Shadow, the second of two DLC expansions available exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Lara's Shadow sees players taking control of the much more deadly Lara doppelganger in what is a more action focussed experience to that found in Tomb Raider: Underworld. As the Doppelganger players will be able to use Shadow Powers to slow time, traverse surfaces that would be too dangerous for Lara and make use of more deadly weapons (increased speed, accuracy and impact).

Lara's Shadow will cost Xbox 360 gamers 800 MS Points.

Also released today was the TR: Underworld Designer Costume Pack, featuring two new costumes created by fashion designers and voted for by Tomb Raider fans. This content is available as a free download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Add the new DLC to your download queue now by heading over to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.