Next year's Tomb Raider reboot will do more than restart the story of the video game icon, it will also take away Lara Croft's ability to swim, Crystal Dynamics global brand manager Karl Stewart has said.

Taking to Twitter for a Q&A session with fans, Stewart revealed a few morsels of information.

"Is it true that Lara Can't swim in the new game, and why?" asked one fan, to which Stewart replied: "Lara can swim, but just not in this game."

"Lara gradually recover life or have to use items for this?" asked a Lara fan. "Regenerative. No need for items," said Stewart.

"Can we expect a twist or two in the storyline?" asked another Tweeter. "Plenty of twists. We love twists here at Crystal D," replied Stewart.

"How long will the game be??" posed another fan. "12 to 15 + depending on your play style," said Stewart.

And finally. "Will the story have a sequel if this game is successful?"

"why of course," said Stewart.

Tomb Raider launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 5, 2013.

Source: @tombraider