Mike Harradence by on Aug 6, 2018

Kratos could have had a Dad Bod in God of War

God of War's Kratos is known for his cheese-grating six pack and mountainous biceps, but if Cory Barlog had his way the latest incarnation of the character may not have been so lucky. In fact, we're talking full-on Dad Bod here, folks.

Speaking during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con (via VGR), Barlog revealed that his original concept for the angry anti-hero would have seen him seriously letting himself go, looking more like he'd been spending his days boozing it up at the local tavern than benching massive tree trunks.

'In the beginning we were talking about, you know, "What is Kratos going to look like?" said Barlog. 'And I kind of wanted to go extreme. I was like, "He should have really let himself go, right?"… Yeah, Dad bod, right? David Harbour as Kratos. And I thought it could be really cool.'

That didn't happen obviously, and instead Kratos maintained his enviable physique while gaining a beard and wrinkles instead.

The change paid off though, as God of War was a huge success following its launch in April on PlayStation 4. 

Among its list of accomplishments include; selling over five million copies in one month; generating $130 million in digital revenue during the same period; and becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive game since records started in 1995.

It also helps that God of War is frankly just a bloody good game, too.


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