Konami’s financial report for Q3 2020 reveals that its profits decreased during that period as a result of “future development of game contents” (via Twinfinite).

Intriguing. Konami generated ¥193.1 billion over the course of the three quarters of this fiscal year, but its profit for that period tots up to ¥16.3 billion. That's quite the decrease from last year, and this is reflected in the digital entertainment segment breakdown for Konami, too. It’s not concerning news, though, because the dips are due to increased expenditure on “new titles and research and development costs.”

“In the entertainment market, future development of game contents is expected through the functional enhancement of various devices, including mobile devices and video game consoles, and the standardisation of next generation communication systems,” read the report from Konami. “The segment profit from this business decreased due to increase of production costs for new titles and research and development costs.”

Recently, the company released a statement with regards to its critically-acclaimed series, Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories were the last Silent Hill games to be released, back in 2012. P.T. counts as a Silent Hill title, but the quarrel with director Hideo Kojima meant that the endless strolling through homely hallways will be (literally) endless. There is a rumour that there are two Silent Hill games in the works at Konami, with one as a soft reboot and one as an episodic game. Quizzically, Konami did not acknowledge these rumours in its official statement. “We cannot share anything at this point, but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title,” it said. 

Maybe the company does have a Silent Hill project in the pipeline, and maybe, artist Masahiro Ito is on board. But, we won’t know for certain until Konami formally confirms a new Silent Hill entry. The numbers seem to suggest there are rumblings of a new game or two, and it has been ever-so-long since a Silent Hill game came out. Watch this space. 

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