The Xbox 360 version of PES 2013 could include Kinect support, Konami has hinted, suggesting that users may be able to substitute players using Kinect's voice commands.

"FIFA has implemented the option to give instructions to players by voice of Kinect feature," PES 2013's marketing producer Manorito Hosoda told VideoGamer.

"But we think it is not so intuitive control. Kinect may be used in PES for substituting players. It is just a fresh idea, but it can be used for substituting players in the game."

At this point, a Konami PR clarified that Kinect support "could" be included in PES 2013, without going so far as to confirm it.

EA announced details of FIFA 13's Kinect support during its E3 press conference last week.

The game will let players make changes to their team's formation, make substitutions and swear at the referee using voice commands - a similar feature to what Konami hopes to implement in PES.