Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios has announced the summer 2010 release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, exclusively for PSP.

In the latest chapter in the hit Kingdom Hearts series, Disney and original characters from Kingdom Hearts unite in a brand new magical game world. The game is a prequel of sorts, with events taking place at the origins of the series.

Players will explore brand new, but instantly recognisable Disney environments from the worlds of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

In addition to the new characters and environments, Birth by Sleep will also feature three new battle systems and four multiplayer modes.

- Versus Mode: battle against others where it's every player for themselves.

- Arena Mode: join forces with your allies to defeat waves of enemies.

-Rumble Racing: transform your Keyblade and ride it in thrilling hover races.

- Roll the dice with your friends on the Command Board, a game of strategy where up to three players compete by rolling dice for an even more exciting experience!