Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed a bunch of new details on the highly anticipated Disney RPG, including giving us an idea of just how big the game's multiple worlds will be in comparison to previous titles.

Nomura-san made the comments at the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event at Japan's D23 Expo a few weeks back, although it's only now that details are starting to trickle online (via KH13). 

For starters, he confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 is split into three distinct areas (beginning, middle, and end), with the worlds based on Toy Story 3 and Monsters, Inc. being near the start of Goofy and crew's latest adventure. 

Apparently, these early locations are around 90 percent complete, while the middle section, which features Tangled among others, are around 60-70 percent finished. He also confirmed that some parts of the game's development are being outsourced. 

'The background team is probably the largest in Square Enix, and, in addition to the Osaka and Tokyo teams, there are orders being carried out by outsourced foreign company employees,' said Nomura.

Perhaps most intriguing however is the size of one of the game worlds, which Nomura says is comparable to that of a full previous game in the franchise. 

'This Kingdom Hearts is a bit different. One world is equivalent to one [previous] game, and the things to do for each world are vastly different. My favorite world has not yet been announced so please look forward to it too.'

Kingdom Hearts 3 is due for release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Watch the latest trailer to see how the Monsters, Inc. world is shaping up.

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