Killer Instinct's pricing strategy will be announced at gamescom next month, Microsoft Studios' Kenn Lobb has told GameSpot.

"We're going to announce the exact pricing strategy when we get to gamescom," said Lobb, before explaining why the game will be released in an unconventional manner.

"The idea was how do I build a fighting game that the fighting game community can just go buy," explained Lobb. "They get the whole game. We'll obviously have more characters that come out over time."

At the same time, the game had to have no barrier of entry for those who aren't currently sold on fighting games.

"We're going to take Jago, you can say he's a demo - it's not a free to play game," insisted Lobb.

"Jago is a demo where you have everything. What's free is you have Jago, Jago's practice mode, you can fight against any AI character," Lobb explained. "More importantly, you're in the one shard of the online gaming community, so you can take your Jago out and fight against anybody - even if it's a character that you don't have."

The demo gives players the ability to pick and choose how they expand the character roster, says Lobb.

"Let's say you didn't want to buy everything and you decide you kind of like Glacius. "You can just buy Glacius."

Killer Instinct will be available alongside Xbox One in November.


Key to the success of this pick 'n mix style approach will be how much each character costs. We'll find out in just four weeks.

Also, it really does sound like a free-to-play game, doesn't it?

Source: GameSpot