Kentucky Route Zero’s multiplayer mode relies on reminders

Kentucky Route Zero’s multiplayer mode relies on reminders
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Kentucky Route Zero’s multiplayer mode works with the people in the room by using their relationships and associations instead of a split-screen or split-controller (via

It’s a suitably subtle and strange feature for the introspective point-and-click narrative game. Act V arrived this week, and it was preceded by Act IV in 2016, Act III in 2014, and Acts II and I in 2013. Praised for its moody mystery and spiralling determinant decisions, Kentucky Route Zero’s magical realism and critique of capitalism gave it a place on outlets’ games of the decade lists, even though it was definitively unfinished.

Cardboard Computer released the fifth and final Act of the game earlier this week, and it came with the TV Edition, which ported all of the episodes and the interludes to consoles too. There is also another addition in the new multiplayer mode, though it works a little differently to what we’d expect. It is, in essence, pass-and-play. But, players must give the controller to the next player when they see something in the game that reminds them of that person. Anything goes—”an image, a sound, a choice of words, a notable absence”—and the controller is passed along. The mode is accessible through the options menu, but it’s more like a guide than a feature that the game will track on players’ behalf. Finally, it’s found in both PC and console versions of Kentucky Route Zero.

Kentucky Route Zero is out now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.