Justice League Heroes has already been announced for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PSP, and will now be joined by a DS version and Justice League Heroes: The Flash for the GBA. All titles will be released simultaneously.

In Justice League Heroes: The Flash for the GBA, players will take control of DC Comic's The Flash, and must use his Speed Force to take down enemies. As players progress through the game new combination attacks can be unlocked, and time can be slowed down in order to defeat enemies in slow-motion. As The Flash you're able to call other super heroes, such as Batman and Superman, for help when you need it.

Justice League Heroes on the DS is being developed as a prequel to the console title, and gives players the ability to unleash the powers of Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman using the DS Stylus. As with the GBA game, if you need a helping hand other super heroes can be called upon for aid.