Judas, a new title from the creator of BioShock, revealed at The Game Awards

Judas, a new title from the creator of BioShock, revealed at The Game Awards
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Judas is the latest entry being developed by Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock, and Ghost Story Games. The announcement trailer was shown during the main event of The Game Awards 2022 and based on what was shown, it promises even more twists and dystopian themes.

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The preview displayed numerous in-game scenes that look incredibly similar to BioShock’s art style albeit with a different plot. The statement that the characters made in the video will seemingly put you in the place of a character named Judas, as she navigates the biomechanical world she is currently in.

Since Ken Levine is heading the production process for this new title, the influence of his popular BioShock franchise is evident in his current efforts. The different powers being emitted from the protagonist’s left hand is proof of this effect as it seems largely similar to the Plasmid and Vigor serums that provided inhuman abilities in his previous series.

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The snippet also shows plenty of other characters that you’ll most likely meet throughout the game. These figures include a sheriff, a biomechanical girl, and a woman wearing Egyptian garb. Various settings were also shown throughout including an outer space location, which may indicate plenty of traveling on your part. If you want to see the craziness of Judas’ in-game world, check out the video below.

In the last scene of the clip, the phrase “fix what you broke” was shown. This may indicate that the game’s plot could have something to do with repentance from past sins, which was largely the theme with the BioShock games.

Numerous comments under the video are extremely positive for this title’s arrival. With the BioShock series being one of the most critically acclaimed creations of all time, the community’s excitement is largely understandable.