by on Jul 15, 2005

Jack Thompson comments on GTA Hot Coffee mod

Jack Thompson, the Miami attorney who specialises in cases where people have been harmed as a result of violent entertainment, including videogames, has given a statement to Pro-G about the current GTA: San Andreas sex mini-game scandal.

Rockstar is on the fast track to corporate destruction, all because they have decided to play chicken with the federal government,” said Mr Thompson.

He went on to say that “Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent, had to pay $9 million last month because of fraudulent accounting practices. They are a company that routinely violate rules of decency and common sense.”

He concluded by taking one final swing at Rockstar: “Take a good look at Rockstar. They won’t be around in three years.”

Mr Thompson has become quite infamous over the last year due to his quite vocal outrage towards violent videogames. These latest comments are among the many that have been directed towards Rockstar in recent days. The San Andreas “Hot Coffee” mod scandal has been the talking point of the week, particularly in the US, where Senator Clinton has made her opinion on the game quite clear. Senator Clinton isn’t shy with her opinions and has already made them quite clear earlier this year.

Here at Pro-G we hope Rockstar can resolve the issue soon, and get back to making great games. While Mr Thompson believes the company won’t be around for much longer, Rockstar have proven to be one of the most talented game development firms in the business and we very much doubt that they’ll be going anywhere.


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