Is Nightingale down? How to check maintenance and server status

Is Nightingale down? How to check maintenance and server status
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Is Nightingale down? As the game has just launched, Nightingale is forcing players to be at the whims of an always-online environment, which means the servers will sometimes go offline.

Whether this is for maintenance, an update, or hotfixes will depend on the issue. If you aren’t able to get into the game and see an error screen that says ‘Shards error’, then the servers might be offline. Now the game has been released, updates and hotfixes are to be expected. Let’s take a look at whether or not the Nightingale servers are currently down, and for what reason if they are.

Is nightingale down? Shards error
Nightingale Shards Error might mean it is down (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Are Nightingale servers down?

No, Nightingale servers are now back online after maintenance that took place at 11am GMT, on February 21. Nightingale servers are now back online after a hotfix with pushed live, taking the servers down for just about an hour. As per an update on the game’s Steam Community page, the developers shared the following message:

“Our server maintenance has concluded and our servers are now back online. Please update your game to access the Realms once again. It’s recommended to restart Steam/Epic to make sure you’re on the latest version.”

There you have it, Nightingale servers are now back online. The maintenance on February 21 lasted roughly over an hour, which was in keeping with what the devs expected.

How to check Nightingale server status

If you find that you can’t ever log into the game, you should always look for communications from the developers. In this case, the devs shared a small notice on the official Steam forums that they would be performing maintenance.

Another great place to check is the game’s official Twitter account. As the game is online-only, it should only be offline and down when updates are required or new patches are added to the game. One final place to look is on Nightingale’s website, which has a dedicated page for Nightingale server status updates.

Once the maintenance has ended, there might be a hotfix to install so make sure you do this before trying to get back into Nightingale. Hopefully, the downtime won’t be long and everything will be running again soon.

That’s it for whether or not Nightingale is down. For more, read our pages covering whether Nightingale will be on Switch or coming to Game Pass.