Is Hogwarts Legacy Live Service?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Live Service?
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Hogwarts Legacy remains one of the most anticipated releases of the new year despite all of its controversies. The gameplay showcases that have been exhibited so far have only helped increase the excitement of its loyal fan base.

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Now that it’s launch day is closer than ever, the hype surrounding the game is at an all-time high. However, players are still curious about numerous aspects of the wizard world, like whether or not the game is going to be a live service title. If you want to find out the answer to this particular inquiry, then we’ve written down all you’ll need to know below.

Is Hogwarts Legacy a live service?

Hogwarts Legacy will not be a live service game and is, instead, a single-player open world experience. Avalanche Software and WB Games decided to place their title’s focus on story progression and exploration due to the wizarding world’s extensive lore.

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However, it will allow you to create your own character according to your preferences. You will then be able to use the student you make throughout the duration of the game as you discover the secret behind an ancient form of magic.


Hogwarts Legacy’s plot, which is centered around the 19th century goblin rebellion, is one that is filled with gripping drama and plenty of action based on the gameplay snippets available. Additionally, the path that your character takes will also depend on the actions you make throughout your journey.

It’s worth noting, though, that the game will not have a morality system based on the Hogwarts Legacy FAQ page. This means that your disposition may be determined by the spells you cast and how you treat others within.