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Who is the villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy lets players fully explore the famed wizarding school and its expansive grounds. However, you will also be faced with a variety of challenges that are both trivial and dangerous throughout your story.

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Although the game seems light and full of wonder on the surface, its story brings a darker and more nuanced tone to the Harry Potter-inspired title. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite clear who your main enemy will be during your time within its world. This lack of information has led players to ask the following question: who is the villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

Here’s all that we know about this particular in-game detail.

Who will be the main antagonist in Hogwarts Legacy?

The main villains in the game are Ranrok, the leader of the goblin rebellion, and Victor Rookwood, the head of the dark wizard faction. You will also be facing a variety of dangerous magical creatures during your journey based on the gameplay trailers that have already been revealed. It’s currently unclear, however, whether there will be an even more dangerous threat throughout the game.

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Other minor enemies that you face during your adventure consists of goblins and animals that have been corrupted by a magical force. A few snippets have also shown the protagonists battling against Giant Spiders in the Forbidden Forest.

Luckily, you’ll be able to learn a variety of offensive and defensive spells that can help you in combat. These enchantments are typically taught to you throughout the different classes that you take at Hogwarts. However, there will also be some that you can only acquire as you progress through the story. You’ll even be able to attempt some of the Unforgivable Curses if you choose to do so. Keep in mind, though, that the use of these forbidden hexes may result in a less-than-ideal ending for your character.

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Hogwarts Legacy Antagonist FAQ

Who is Ranrok and Victor Rookwood?

These are the antagonists of Hogwarts Legacy – who lead the dark wizard faction in the game

Will there be more antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy?

It’s expected that they’ll be more characters revealed in the game once launched – so don’t conunt out to be more dangerous threats later in the game.