Is Destiny 2 good in 2023?

Is Destiny 2 good in 2023?
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Since its initial release in 2017, Destiny 2 has steadily become one of the most popular multiplayer FPS titles in the market. Though getting into it does initially seem daunting, the constant stream of additions and the accommodating community behind it all has only helped the game grow throughout the years.

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With the game now almost in its sixth year of operation, new players continue to join the Destiny 2 ecosystem even until now. However, there are naturally still a few skeptics out there who continue to ask whether or not Destiny 2 is still good in 2023.

Is it worth getting into Destiny 2 in 2023?

Yes, Destiny 2 is one of the better FPS titles in 2023 so getting into it is still worth it even now. Although the Lightfall expansion campaign leaves a lot to be desired, a large number of players are enjoying the post-game content that it has on offer so the latest DLC isn’t entirely bad.

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Additionally, the critically acclaimed chapter in The Witch Queen remains playable even after its conclusion during the beginning of 2023. Many players also still play this expansion to this day because of the Raid, Campaign, and Dungeons that it offers.

Before you start buying all these DLCs, however, we recommend playing through the base game first if you’re a beginner. We also suggest bringing in an experienced player or a friend to help guide you through its opening stages.

The initial tutorial that starts you off at the beginning doesn’t do a great job of explaining some of the game’s more complex aspects, like power levels and mods, so a helping hand here would do wonders for your steady progression.