Hitman 2 developer IO Interactive has confirmed to VG247 that the sequel will bring back Opportunities.

In case you missed out on Agent 47's excellent episodic kill-'em-up, Opportunities give you the option of taking out your target in a variety of unique ways, and present themselves by having you pay attention to the game world and listening in on conversations.

Once acquired, you can set them as your primary objective and eliminate your target a slightly more comical or adventurous manner. Remember the exploding golf ball from the first Hitman? Classic.

Anyway, the good news is they're coming back for Hitman 2.

'One would not be a very good assassin if one does not take advantage of the various opportunities that present themselves to you as you stalk your prey,' said an IO spokesperson.

'You’ll have to keep your eyes and ears open as you navigate through the world, since you never know what juicy piece of intel might be hidden within the conversations of the NPCs in each location. As before though, you’ll still have the option to switch the guidance of opportunities to a minimum, or off completely, for a more immersive playthrough.'

Hitman 2 is pencilled in for release on November 13 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, though unlike its predecessor won't be episodic. 

From the look of things there's going to be plenty of barmy ways to dispose of your enemies, with a recent trailer depicting Agent 47 slapping some poor chap in the face with a fish.

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