Intel i5-13600K release date and where to buy

Intel i5-13600K release date and where to buy
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The Intel i5-13600K releases today on the 20th October, alongside the rest of the Intel 13th Gen CPUs.

The Intel i5-13600K and 13600KF are the most budget-friendly members of the new Raptor Lake family though their processing capabilities aren’t far from the i9 and i7 CPUs.

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Where to buy Intel i5-13600K

Amazon US

Best Buy US

Newegg US

Amazon UK

Scan UK

Overclockers UK

Curry UK

Novatech UK

Amazon CA

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Intel i5-13600K release date and time

The Intel i9-13900K is predicted to release on 2PM BST / 9AM EDT / 6AM PST / 3PM CEST / 8AM CDT on 20th October.

If you’re looking to upgrade your CPU to a new LGA 1700 chipset Raptor Lake CPU, you could be faced with a monumental challenge as pre-orders have already filled up – meaning that those unlucky enough to miss out the pre-orders will be focused at their computers on release to grab a i5-13600K or 13600KF online.

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Intel i5-13600K & i5-13600KF price

The Intel i5-13600K & Intel i5-13600KF will cost the following in the UK, US, and Canada:

  • $309 – US
  • £379 – UK
  • $309 – Canada

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Intel i5-13600K & i5-13600KF specs

Taken from the Intel website, we’re playing with some great specs for the i5 CPUs.

Max Frequency (GHz)Base Frequency (GHz)Processor CoresThreadsIntel Cache Smart Size (MB)Cache (MB)

While the i5-13600K doesn’t match its bigger siblings in cache or threads, it still reaches an astoundingly high clock speed. This CPU is recommended for users who casually game and even competitive gamers, though those hoping to engage in content creation and high-workload rendering might opt for something with a bit more muscle.

That being said, the Intel 13th Gen i5 range is incredibly powerful.

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Intel i5-13600K FAQs

What’s the difference between the 13600K and 13600KF?

The difference is the 13600KF isn’t unlocked, so it can’t be overclocked to the same maximum clock speed as the 13600K.

Why should I get a 13600K not a 12600K?

The performance benchmarks on the 13600K are likely to trump the 12600K by a landslide, which we’re anticipating due to the much higher volume of cores, cache, and the greater boost frequency.