Injustice 2 gets patched to fix problems from previous patch

Injustice 2 gets patched to fix problems from previous patch
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No, there is no error in that headline. A few days ago patch 1.10 was pushed to Injustice 2, and users that downloaded it started discovering that it had deleted some of the gear they’d earned in the game, which is kind of a big deal given how long it can take to grind for cool stuff. Look at Gorilla Grodd up there. He’s livid about it.

Warner Bros. acknowledged the issue in a post on the support site, saying that users affected should try rebooting the game to restore gear earned before September 25, and that the Injustice 2 team was still investigating missing loot that was earned after that date.

This weekend a patch was pushed through to, er, fix the problems from the first patch, as tweeted by the official Injustice 2 account. This stops the item deletion, but isn’t guaranteed to restore any gear you might have already lost. GameInformer spotted that it has restored gear for some users, but not others, which isn’t the most helpful state of affairs.

In any case, if you hadn’t already updated to patch 1.10, you’re now safe to do so without fear of losing anything.