Speaking to VideoGamer.com in an exclusive interview to be published on the site tomorrow, industry legend and Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has given his views on the current state of video game development - and industry which he claims is getting harder and harder to work in.

"Our industry is getting tougher and more expensive to make great titles," stated Boon. "At the same time it's the most exciting time since the possibilities are endless with all these new innovative (and very different) consoles. With online playing a bigger role now it opens so many more doors when thinking of new game features."

When asked about how the industry has changed since he started working on video games, sheer manpower was top of his list.

"The biggest change has been in the scope, cost and time it takes to create a game. It's really more exhausting than anyone would imagine," said the industry veteran. "Keep in mind that the first Mortal Kombat game was developed in 8 months by four people in 1992. Now our team is over 40 people and it takes over 2 years to create a new title. It's crazy."

The next game to be released in the Mortal Kombat franchise is Ultimate Mortal Kombat on the Nintendo DS. For Ed's thoughts on the port and if censorship will affect future MK titles, check back tomorrow.

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