It’s a mere two weeks until the release of Super Mario Odyssey, and Nintendo has deemed us worthy of some extended footage of the game in action. A new 30+ minute video features a Japanese comedian, Masaru Hamaguchi, in a rather fetching pink blazer as he gives the game a good going over, while providing some commentary (in Japanese).

is plenty of gameplay footage with loads of canned laughter, and while I can’t understand a word of what he’s saying, he looks like he’s really enjoying himself. Over the course of the video we get in-depth look at some of the game’s worlds that’ll feature, Mario’s abilities in full flow and a peek at the Snapshot mode in full effect. There’s even an intense boss battle with a limbless Incan-inspired being. The highlight for me was that fella near the end of the video who’s hiding in a real-life Warp Pipe, which had me chuckling like a maniac at my desk.

If you’re interested in seeing some definitely spoilery footage of Super Mario Odyssey, I’d recommend giving this a watch. However, if you’re trying to avoid any spoilers for the game, I’d suggest that you don’t click play.

Nintendo’s been unveiling quite a bit of footage in the build-up to one of the year’s biggest releases, and one of its recent videos showed how Mario can utilise Odyssey’s Capture mechanic with the help of his magical hat Cappy.

Super Mario Odyssey is out on October 27 on Nintendo Switch.

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