Ubisoft draws the ire of fans after reportedly pulling plug on Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel

Ubisoft draws the ire of fans after reportedly pulling plug on Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel
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Ubisoft has reportedly decided to pull the plug on its planned Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel more than two years after the release of the initial mythological open world entry. If these rumors are to be believed, then this unfortunately doesn’t come as a surprise since the company’s higher-ups had previously stated their intention to pivot their focus to more established projects like the storied Assassin’s Creed series and Rainbow Six Siege.

Back in May 2023, Ubisoft had revealed its intention to pour more resources into the stealth adventure series after many of its other releases like Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and Just Dance 2023 heavily underperformed. Of course, the company’s resolve to pivot to more prominent installments was also backed up by the fact that the Assassin’s Creed series gained even more users despite having no new releases following the 2020 launch of the Norse mythology-inspired AC Valhalla.

But no matter how telegraphed the decision may have been, it still hasn’t stopped the community from reacting negatively to it as evidenced by many of the reactions under a particular Reddit post. A user named carrotstix was predictably disappointed, saying: “Darn. It was one of those games that everyone warmed up on. Hopefully, they give it a green light when they’ve put out some of their games and [have] made some big money.”

Snuggle__Monster then backed up the previous statements by saying: “That’s rather unfortunate because all I ever heard from people that actually took the time and took a chance on it was that they actually enjoyed it.” Another responder named moonski, on the other hand, noted that “it was actually a [bit of] a fresher spin on the usual [Ubisoft] formula. It was the [same Ubisoft] formula but a bit more evolved with a big BotW inspiration.”

Alas, with there already being several planned Assassin’s Creed installments set to launch both in the short- and long-term such as the Assassin’s Creed Mirage release date, a continuation of Ubisoft’s open world mythology-inspired series may not be a priority any time soon. However, it’s still worth noting that Ubisoft hasn’t actually confirmed this decision at the time of writing so you’ll still need to take this information with a grain of salt for now.