Immortality from Her Story creator Sam Barlow comes to PC and Xbox Series X|S later this year

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Her Story creator Sam Barlow has announced that his next interactive movie project named Immortality will arrive later this year.

An investigative horror story told across three movies, the game centres around the disappearance of fictional film star Marissa Marcel. She made three movies over her career: Ambrosio, Minsky and Two of Everything. However, none of the films ever saw the light of day, and now Marcel has mysteriously vanished.

You’ll be trying to piece together what happened from behind the scenes footage from all three movies, as well as scenes from the films themselves. Rather than the text-based interface in previous games Telling Lies and Her Story, you’ll now be able to directly click on points of interest in the footage.

It certainly sounds intriguing, and you can get a taste of what to expect in the trailer below. Sam Barlow originally teased the project all the way back in 2020 under the moniker “Project A” or “Project Ambrosio”. Immortality doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but is heading to Xbox Series X|S and PC later this year. Studio Half Mermaid also promises the game will arrive on more platforms, but will reveal which ones in due course.

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  • Release Date: August 29, 2022
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS, macOS, PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox Series X
  • Genre(s): Adventure