A PC version of post-apocalyptic horror I Am Alive will release on September 13, Ubisoft has announced.

The port includes two new modes over the previously released console versions, including a new 'Easy' mode, which allows infinite retries and "a smoother introduction" to the game, and a new 'Replay' mode, permitting players to replay any level.

It'll also support higher resolutions than the console versions and feature "graphics sharper than ever".

Sold? Well, if you're prepared to pay the £11.99 asking price, you'll be able to pick it up from Ubishop, Steam and "other digital platforms".

Customers who pre-order the game from Ubishop will also receive a copy of Outerlight's multiplayer shooter Bloody Good Time free of charge.

I Am Alive launched on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network earlier this year, and tells the tale of a survivor searching for his wife and daughter in a destroyed American city.

The game divided critical opinion, although Martin thought it worthy of a 7/10, calling it an "intriguing but flawed experience".