The Australian Classification Board has listed a rating for Ubisoft's oft-delayed action game I Am Alive, suggesting that the game has been completed and will shortly see the light of day.

The listing, spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, rates the game as 15+ and reports that it contains "strong violence."

No other details were given.

I Am Alive was announced way back at E3 2008, sharing the stage with the likes of Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, and Fallout 3.

The game saw you trying to survive in a disaster-struck Chicago decimated by a catastrophic earthquake.

Does the fact the game has been rated without a large hype-building campaign suggest a digital release? Rumours suggesting as much were circulating earlier this year, though Ubisoft offered no comment at the time.

Back in 2009 the LinkedIn profile of Charles Gaudron, senior game designer at Darkworks - the game's original developer, before Ubisoft switched production to its Shangai studio - said Ubisoft's disaster-based video game would be released in 2011.